Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Old Maid's Puzzle Terri Thayer

I love this author, I read her first book- wild goose chase about a woman who inherits her mom's quilt store and loved it. I loved reading about someone who was new to quilting and that makes me like the character of Dewey even more, she doesn't profess to love quilting, or at times even like it, but she does try and it adds to her character.
This book starts with Dewey having a huge sale at the quilt shop and of course during the week she needs to get ready- a dead body shows up in her alley. This dead body ties into more then one other character. This was a fast read and makes me wanting to read more, I know Terri has a new series coming out- stamped out- which I cannot wait to read.
I will add one more thing I love about this series, this series relates to me as a 35 year old woman, Dewey has a boyfriend and gasp, she enjoys sex with him, too many cozy mysteries these days have their sleuth being Mother Theresa as far as having a man in their life, I think they do a disservice to their readers, as most women that read them, do have relationships and many want their sleuth to have some sort of romance as well.
5/5 cozy stars

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Terri Thayer said...

Thanks, Samantha. I'm so glad you enjoyed Old Maid's Puzzle.

I like writing the steamy scenes and posted about my inspiration for them at Look for the one titled Inspiration. You might be surprised where Buster came from.

Keep reading those cozies!