Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Gerry’s crafts are small-scale, but her to-do list is anything but. Add murder to that—with one of her students as a suspect—and you have one hectic holiday. Time to shrink this mystery down to size.

Do you ever have a series that you just want to love and can't? This is it for me, I was so excited when I heard about this series, I read the first one and wasnt blown away, I thought that being a new series it needed time to work out its kinks- but I have the same problems with this book.

The thoughts seem scattered, when Gerri is talking about what she needs to do, the timelines dont match up, doesnt seem to be much continuity in the book

I dont like the characters, I cant stand Gerri's friend Linda- in the first book she was so nasty to her and in one scene here she hangs up on Gerri- why be friends with that person??

Maddie- Gerri's grandaughter- another huge annoyance! I like kids but she is way over the top with wanting to eat sweets all the time and getting mad that Gerri wont share every last murder detail with her

Gerri- ok even Gerri can be annoying, I hate that she brings up that she is a retired English teacher and in her mind she corrects people all the time- just a pet peeve

2/5 cozy stars

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