Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Death By Cashmere -Sally Goldenbaum

I have tried to read some of this author's other books and just couldn't get into them, I felt there was too many characters and couldn't hold my attention.
I picked this book up and I was hooked, not only is this cozy great for any mystery knitting lover, but any foodie as well. My mouth watered as I read about the meals that they would prepare so they could knit and talk about the murder and discuss suspects.
For being an Arizona girl, I really felt like I was on the East Coast reading this book, the author made you feel at home there and tempted you with a great mystery, great knitting info and great food description
I am going to go back and try her other books. I know that at times I may not be able to get into a book, but after reading this great book, I have to go back and read the rest!
5/5 cozy stars

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